28 jul. 2010

The end of the 60' : The Altamont Speedway Free Festival


The Altamont Speedway Free Concert was born with the intention of becoming a new Woodstock, this time on the West Coast of the United States. However, although the Woodstock Festival was an example of how a great multitude of people can come together without having the slightest incident, the Altamont festival was an example of how not to organize such an event ever. The accumulation of nonsense was enormous: the location of the event was not announced until 48 hours before, everything was pure improvisation, there was no bathrooms for attendees, the stage was just four feet and, if it weren't enough, the Rolling Stones decided it was a good idea to use the Hell's Angels as security crew for the festival, who were receiving only $500 plus beer. All this made the concert a powder keg, and that the situation was degenerating into a wild chaos that ended with serious episodes of violence and that will be remembered for the final performance of the Rolling Stones in which a member of the Hell's Angels killed there, before the crowd gathered, one of the assistants, Meredith Hunter, who, incidentally, under the influence of alcohol and drugs had burst from the crowd with a gun in his hand.
If ever there had been a hippie culture, in this day and at this time, it died forever

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